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Recent News

Back of The Yards High School Construction Update

Construction on Back of the Yards High School project began in June 2011. The foundations and steel went up last week and construction is going smoothly. The building is expected to be complete in 2013.

One Village India

One Village is an educational village model conceived to serve the rural population in India. It is a carbon neutral development that has the ability to produce its own energy, therefore eliminating the emissions of greenhouse gases while promoting self-sustainability.

The motivation behind this type of development is to provide innovative economic opportunities in rural India that were previously unavailable. Large urban centers are perceived to be the only avenue to prosperity, but many young people who flock to these areas in search of a better life are met with disappointment. What they encounter are slums, unemployment and poverty.

Each Village will have a circular formation, with the diameter of the circle being dependent on the population of each individual location. The program of a typical village includes K-12 learning environments, vocational training, workshops, residences, agricultural land, sports and a market. The market will sell produce and products developed by the students of the village. The market will also provide a stepping stone to help the graduates establish themselves as entrepreneurs in the area where they are born; increasing the appeal of staying close to family and away from large urban centers.

ArchiWorld Magazine

STL’s Torres de Cotillas project has recently been published in ARCHIWORLD, the leading design magazine in Korea.

Back of the Yards High School Groundbreaking Ceremony

During his Neighborhood Appreciation Tour of the 12th Ward, Mayor Daley spoke at the Back of the Yards High School Groundbreaking Ceremony.

Career Day at UNO

STL team member Fernando spent some time at UNO School on 47th Street, speaking to seventh and eighth grade students during Career Day. Fernando grew up on the Southwest side of Chicago and enjoys giving back to the community. Focusing on the importance of education, Fernando shared his experience at UCLA, travelling while a student and what things he would have done differently. He also shared STL’s UNO Master Plan with the students.