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About this Website

This website is coded with valid XHTML and CSS to comply with the W3C’s recommendations for forward-compatibility and accessibility, as well as with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, which ensures access to information for those with disabilities.

If this means nothing to you, that’s OK… In a nutshell, it means that our website can be viewed by a whole lot of people on a whole lot of devices. Even the blind can access this site (yes, really). Because we think it’s a good idea for a lot of people to visit and have access to our website, we’ve made it possible for you to view it on text browsers, braille browsers, and voice browsers; as well as PDAs and cell-phones.

With accessibility in mind, here are the keyboard shortcuts for quickly navigating around our website:

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We hope you find your visit to our website a user-friendly, informative, and enjoyable one, and we thank you for stopping by.